And so it begins…

Writing into the light…

Over the years, friends have suggested that I write a book. I could not deny a gift for writing, and at times, for providing words that heal at the precise moment that a loved one was seeking a symbol of hope. However, much of my life was burdened by self-loathing and self-doubt, and I found it impossible to imagine such a path opening before me. And yet, it seems that the Universe was unwilling to abandon me, the way that I had abandoned myself. Thank you, dear Universe, for your continual nudge in the direction of the manifestation of my soul’s true purpose, delivering me from darkness and into the light – again and again.

The thing about writing a book, in the current era, is that a writer apparently must provide her own following for a publisher to find interest. While I do have an extremely supportive community connected through social media, my world has previously been rather limited. So, here I am, dear world, offering my light to each of you, with a dream of expansion beyond the crumbling boundaries of my former false belief. I would be so thrilled to have your company on this next phase of my journey. Will you take my hand and join me for a peaceful stroll of reflection and illumination?

We are never alone, for we are all one. So grateful for your presence on this path.


Author: MelissaBee

Author of Persephone's Passage: Walking My Father into the Underworld - The Spiritual Journey of an End-of-Life Doula; Joyfully exploring an authentic life as a writer, a healer, and a sacred ceremony facilitator, while caring for aging parents, with reverence and gratitude.

7 thoughts on “And so it begins…”

  1. I don’t get to see you every day but I can read you everyday? I’m in!! Wait, no pressure….there may be days that you can’t blog. I’ll still love ok forward to reading your beautiful words. You have a gift and I’m glad you’re sharing it. Love you!!! 😍

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  2. You, my dear, have always been a beacon of kindness and joy to those around you. Irregardless of any internal struggles, in the midst of that intense Corporate world you sent out warm, gentle, healing light and as one who received it I am very grateful. It would be an honor to join you for this journey and I can’t wait to read your book.

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    1. Oh, Nancy, your kind words and heartfelt support are such a treasure to me. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I don’t miss the corporate world one bit, but there are many people who have a piece of my heart that I found there, for whom I am grateful, including you.


    2. Nancy, you have always been a loving and generous supporter. I’m so grateful that the corporate world brought you into my life. Thank you for your continued support. I am grateful. xo


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